Getting to Yelapa

Yelapa is only accessible by boat and you have some great options to get you and your party to Casa Palmas. Before jumping on your boat to Yelapa, we need to get you to Puerto Vallarta airport. Be sure to book your flights to "PVR". From the airport, you have a few options!

Public Boat Taxi

If you're familiar with Yelapa, are well traveled and have a fairly flexible travel schedule, the public boat taxi is a great option. You'll take a (car) taxi from PVR to Los Muertos pier. Once at the pier, you'll ask for the 'boat taxi office' where you'll buy a one-way ticket to Yelapa. The boats run on a schedule depending on the time of year. Here's a link to the latest boat taxi schedule. The cost for a one-way ticket is approximately 220 pesos per person.

The pro when taking the public taxi is the price! Cheapest way to get to Yelapa (unless you're a really good swimmer).

The con is that you're on the taxi schedule and may have delays in customs or flight delays, which could lead to missing your boat.

Private Boat Concierge

If you're traveling with children, an older group, a large group or just your first time to Mexico or the Banderas Bay, you may want to take the hassle, extra time (and stress of being on the public taxi schedule) out of your commute from the airport to Yelapa.

We offer two private transportation options:

Option 1:

Marina del Rey to Yelapa:

Our Private Boat Service will greet you at Marina del Rey, just a couple minutes from the Puerto Vallarta Airport, and boat you directly to the Village Pier in Yelapa. Skipping the car taxi to Los Muertos pier and the boat taxi to Yelapa will save you and your group a lot of time and hassle.

You'll take a short taxi ride from the Puerto Vallarta airport to Marina del Rey where Captain Felipe will greet you and scoop up your group (and your luggage) onto "Sany", your private boat to Yelapa (Accommodates up to 10 guests).

Option 2:

Airport Pickup to Boca to Yelapa:

Our driver will pick you up from the Puerto Vallarta airport (PVR) and head toward Boca de Tomatlan (a small beach town on the southern coast of the bay). Along the way you'll have the opportunity to stop for shopping, to withdraw pesos or to explore the romantic district. Once in Boca, you'll board Sany, your private boat to Yelapa (Accommodates up to 6 guests).

Once at the Village pier in Yelapa, your luggage will be carried for you up to the casa. If you wish, you can reverse all that for the trip back to the airport and be worry free about making your flight on time.

The cost of either private option is $200 USD total each way. When you check out you'll have the option of adding the private transport service to your reservation. Be sure to select a quantity of 2 if you'd like a roundtrip service (roundtrip total is $400 USD).